Installing the CLI

Installing the CLI

In order to run Apache Baremaps, you first need to install Java 17 or a later version. SDKMAN (opens in a new tab) provides a convenient Command Line Interface (CLI) to install and upgrade Java.

To install Apache Baremaps, download and decompress the latest binary distribution (opens in a new tab). Then, add the /bin directory of the decompressed distribution to your PATH environment variable:

tar -xzf baremaps-<version>-incubating-bin.tar.gz
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/baremaps/bin

Calling the baremaps command should now result in an output similar to the following:

Usage: baremaps [-V] [COMMAND]
A toolkit for producing vector tiles.
  -V, --version   Print version info.
  workflow  Manage a workflow.
  database  Database commands.
  map       Map commands.
  geocoder  Geocoder commands (experimental).
  iploc     IP to location commands (experimental).
  ogcapi    OGC API server (experimental).

From here, heads to Installing PostGIS if you plan to work with vector tiles.

If you want to work on Geocoding or IP to location, head directly into the related examples.