Installing PostGIS

Installing PostGIS

This step is not required if you plan to execute the Geocoding or IP to location examples.

For the insertion and generation of Vector tiles, you need to set up a PostGIS (opens in a new tab) database. This database will host all the data required to generate the vector tiles.

The following docker image will allow you to jump start this installation:

docker run \
  --name baremaps \
  --publish 5432:5432 \
  -e POSTGRES_DB=baremaps \
  -e POSTGRES_USER=baremaps \
  -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=baremaps \
  -d postgis/postgis:latest

You can then stop and start the container with the following commands:

docker stop baremaps
docker start baremaps

From there you can go to the Examples section. The Import OpenStreetMap data into PostGIS example is the first step to produce custom high resolution vector tiles.