Setup in IntelliJ IDEA

Set up in IntelliJ IDEA

To open the project with IntelliJ, go under file -> open -> ... and select the pom.xml file in the root of the project.

We added a few configurations to run the code quickly. You can find them in the Run/Debug Configurations dropdown in the top right corner of the IDE.

These run configurations are either prefixed with an example name (e.g. openstreetmap-) corresponding to a directory in the examples folder or with basemap- and daylight- for the basemap and daylight folders. The suffix usually indicate the command used to run the configuration.

For instance, to jump into the development of the basemap, you start a postgis container, run the basemap-workflow configuration to prepare the database, and run the basemap-dev configuration to serve the basemap. The baremaps-dev configuration will watch for changes in the style and the tileset and automatically reload the browser when changes are detected.