Apache Baremaps is a toolkit and a set of infrastructure components for creating, publishing, and operating online maps. It provides a data pipeline enabling developers to build maps with different data sources with live reload capabilities. It provides other services commonly used in online maps, such as location search and IP to location.

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Installing the CLI

In order to run Apache Baremaps, you first need to install Java 17 or a later version. SDKMAN provides a convenient Command Line Interface (CLI) to install and upgrade Java.

To install Apache Baremaps, download and unzip the latest release. Then, add the /bin folder to your PATH variable:

wget https://github.com/apache/incubator-baremaps/releases/latest/download/baremaps.zip
unzip baremaps.zip
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/baremaps/bin

Calling the baremaps command should now result in an output similar to the following:

Usage: baremaps [COMMAND]
A toolkit for producing vector tiles.
  import  Import OpenStreetMap data in the Postgresql database.
  update  Update OpenStreetMap data in the Postgresql database.
  export  Export vector tiles from the Postgresql database.
  serve   Serve vector tiles from the the Postgresql database.

From there, head into Installing PostGIS if you plan to work with vector tiles.

If you want to work on Geocoding or IP to location, head directly into the related examples.

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