Apache Baremaps is a toolkit and a set of infrastructure components for creating, publishing, and operating online maps. It provides a data pipeline enabling developers to build maps with different data sources with live reload capabilities. It provides other services commonly used in online maps, such as location search and IP to location.

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Create a geocoding web service

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to create a geocoding index and then serve it in a simple web application.


The data we will be using comes from Geonames.

Generate the index

The following workflow will download the Geonames data, decompress it, and finally build the index.

baremaps workflow execute --file examples/geocoding/workflow.js

Serve the data

The following command will serve the Geonames index over HTTP in a simple web application.

baremaps geocoder serve --index geocoder-index --port 9000

Go to http://localhost:9000/ to see it in action.


In this tutorial, we learnt how to create a Geocoding index and serve it in a simple web application. This will be very useful in a map application to find places quickly by writing an address in a prompt.

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